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Eda Arduman Ma.

Good relationships are the key to a fulfilling life.

"The Grant Study", conducted by Harvard University since 1935 with approximately 15,000 participants, states that "having good relationships is essential for being happy and healthy".
The most important relationship is the one that individuals have with themselves. The strongest assurance of this relationship is the one we have with our life partner. Insecure and unhappy relationships can endanger an individual's physical and mental health. On the other hand, secure, fair, and sensitive relationships positively affect an individual's satisfaction, health, and effectiveness in life.

I aim to shed light on the unseen aspects of the problems that arise between couples and to improve their relational repertoire and skills.

Through a healing collaboration between the couple and the therapist, we work together to make the relationship more secure and enjoyable.


Individuals grow and mature in the space which oscilitates between security and excitement.

Human beings are born with both the need for safety and stimulation. The sense of security allows one to feel whole and part of something bigger, whereas excitement allows one to experience individuality and life itself. Healthy minds require both states.

Couple Therapy

In the EU this rate varies from 20-49%. In Turkey the divorce rate is approximately 20% (DIE).

In classical cinema,tragedies end in death and comedies end with marriage. Whereas in real life many marriages tend to lose humor as well as romance and end up more like tragic comedies.

Who comes to Therapy?

Couples that are stuck in their relationships.
Couples that are questioning their relationship.
Couples going through particularly challenging situation (particularly when the challenge is over.

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