Individual Therapy

People suffering from such symptoms will be referred to psychotherapy. Individuals grow and mature in the space which oscilitates between security and excitement.

Human beings are born with both the need for safety and stimulation. The sense of security allows one to feel whole and part of something bigger, whereas excitement allows one to experience individuality and life itself. Healthy minds require both states.

"In challenging situation our need for security does not change however one adapts oneself to circumstances to ensure that acknowledgement and recognition takes place."

Changes in family circumstances, loss, trauma, stages of development often impact the person in ways that are hard to metabolize.

The person adapts to the challenging situation at the expense of the inner world. The price may take the form of anxiety, panic or depression. Some cope with their unmet internal demons by occasionally slipping in and out of depression. Intimate relationships often suffer and deteriorate. A sense of meaningless might slip in. Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior might start to invade the mind.

People suffering from such symptoms will be referred to psychotherapy. Their objective is often to gain a perspective and get a handle on their discomfort. Psychotherapy is a process, which enables the individual to sift through his/her own circumstances. This approach facilitates emotional introspection, which allows the individual to reclaim parts of the self that were previously alienated. The goal is maintaining integrity and enriching the self.

Effective therapy will alleviate complaints and lead the individual towards enhanced satisfaction.